Why S-B Computer Hero?

Damon 'Doc' Bass is a seasoned professional who is here to help.


Doc can be reached by web, phone, or email, and strives to answer every contact personally, and as soon as possible. And he never over-books.


For nearly 15 years, Doc has provided independent, affordable services to small businesses and residential customers alike, with a near-100% success rate versus data loss from malware or other preventable failure.


Anyone can submit questions directly to Doc via this site's Q&A Section. Not only can you get timely (and often free) support this way, but you can benefit others by sharing your issues and their solutions.

“Call Doc Bass at iFixit, 318-518-0032. He does really good work and he’s very affordable. He recovered all the music and pictures off my laptop that the ‘geeks’ at Best Buy told me were ‘gone’!”

Meet Doc, Your Personal Tech Guru

Doc has over 30 years of experience, from Silicon Valley to the Red River valley. His self-training began in the early 80s with the very first personal computers, and he has a deep understanding of what makes technology 'tick'. He's been the lone IT tech for ISP's, a network engineer for a Fortune 500 Company, and a network designer for the home automation industry. Now, Doc brings all of that know-how back to his home town.
Damon 'Doc' Bass

Damon 'Doc' Bass


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Doc is available from 8 am to 5 pm Mondays through Fridays, by appointment only.

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